The 9 Best Places to Live at Age 30, According to Real Estate Experts (2023)

The city we live in affects every aspect of our personal and professional lives, from access to jobs and health care to the likelihood of owning a home and finding a partner. Nowadays people in their thirtiesThey form a significant part of the population of our country., which everapplies to expats. Accessibility to air travel, flexible work arrangements and the availability ofvisas for digital nomadshave enabled many young professionals to move abroad.

And as the life of an average 30-year-old haschanged dramatically in the last 40 years, certain cities offer more options than others. Cost of living, access to quality, affordable education and childcare, high wages, jobs, generous paternity leave, recreational opportunities and a goodwork life balanceare all factors we consider when selecting the nine best places to live in your 30s.

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Denver, Colorado

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About a quarter of Denver's population is between the ages of 27 and 42, and the city was the2nd most popular destination for millennials in 2019. with a livelycraft beer scene, easy access tovarious outdoor activities, proximity to the mountains, an international airport and a strong workforce, the Mile High City is a magnet for young people.

“Technology and energy jobs attract young workers from many parts of the U.S. to Colorado, and once they arrive, they often put down permanent roots,” said Gretchen Rosenberg, CEO of Kentwood Real Estate.Travel + Leisure.

He explained that while first-timers may find Denver's city market expensive, thethe median home value in February 2023 was $560,000— there are many affordable options in the outskirts of the city. Another reason to buy your first home here? Rosenberg added, "Property taxes are generally more reasonable than many other cities of a similar size. Denver is an excellent choice if someone is looking for fun, sun, and spectacular mountain views."

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New York City, New York

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"The 30s is for exploring all that life has to offer while building a career. There's no better city in the world than New York City to do that," says Matthew Hughes, a Manhattan real estate agent at Brown Harris Stevens . .

diversity and excellenceamusement in New Yorkthey have no rival. according to amoneynerd-survey, the Big Apple is also among the top five cities in the world for work-life balance, and is among the highest for job opportunities and average salary. Unfortunately, the city also has a notoriously expensive real estate market. But this shouldn't put off starters.

Hughes explained, “While it is expensive, we have many beautiful residential areas in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx that are more reasonably priced than Manhattan. Given the resilience of residential real estate in New York City, I strongly believe that there is no is no better place to invest".

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Zurich, Suiza

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The largest Swiss city is regularly ranked among the best for its best work-life balance and overall standard of living. Residents there earn an average of $82,191 a year and rank high on happiness indices, according to onerecent survey. Zurich also has an excellent healthcare system, many jobs in various industries and great infrastructure. In addition, it is very safe.

And if you like being outdoors, this is definitely your city. Hiking, biking, rock climbing and skiing are favorite pastimes for locals and visitors alike. Another bonus? Because the city is centrally located, it is a quick flight from other major European destinations.

Last but not least, dethe majority of the region's populationhe was between 30 and 39 years old in 2021.

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Austin, Texas

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Austin is a magnet for 30 year olds. In fact, thethe average age here is 35.8 years, and the capital of Texas was one of the main cities that attracted moremillennials in de VS in 2019, according to US Census Bureau data. The reason? "You name it, it's here: music, comedy, food, art, sports, nature, or a chance to be a workaholic," Shay Millheiser of Kuper Sotheby's International Realty in Austin told T+L..

Those who want to stay here permanently are also in luck, because thecity ​​real estate marketit has remained relatively affordable.

"Austin is a great place to be a first-time homeowner because there are options at every price point within 30 to 45 minutes of just about everything the city has to offer," explains Millheiser. According toZillow, the median home value in the city is $561,613, but according to Millheiser, prices in nearby suburbs average about $350,000.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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young people lovethe danish capitalbecause it's safehave good health care, affordable public transport and a good education system. In addition, the Danes rate themselves as one of theThe happiest in the world, which makes sense considering that employees work an average of 25.9 hours per week and have 25 days off per year (excluding vacation days).

By law, new parents in Denmark are given 52 weeks of parental leave and childcare is subsidized so that pre-primary education does not exceed the equivalent of$590 in Danish kroner. So what do Copenhageners do in their free time? They explore themany city parks,museumsand restaurants. And even better,Copenhagen is bike-friendly.

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Vancouver, Canada

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as one ofThe most livable cities in North America, Vancouver offers many social benefits for people in their thirties:very good health and education, low unemployment, safety and a world-class arts and entertainment scene. And that's on top of Canada's generous paternity leave, which is certainly an important factor for those looking to start a family. Postcard-worthy views are easy to find here too, with the North Shore Mountains and Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

“Vancouver is home to a growing technology sector, including startups and established employers such as Microsoft, E.A., and Amazon,” Jonathan Cooper, president of Macdonald Real Estate Group, shared with T+L.."Neighborhoods that combine access to amenities with the range of apartments or townhomes include Mount Pleasant, Fraser Street and Yaletown."

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Portland, Oregon

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The Pacific Northwest is one of themmost popular areas for 30 year olds, which is almost onethird of Portland's population.

"Portland is pet friendly. Bike friendly. Kid friendly... We have access to the mountains, the Columbia River Gorge and theOregon coast- all within one to two hours. A plethora of outdoor adventures awaits - from fishing, camping, hiking, windsports, skiing, we really do have it all," Kathryne Psihogios of Cascade Hasson Sotheby's International Realty told T+L..

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Unlike many major metropolitan areas along the West Coast, Portland's real estate market also favors first-time buyers.Millennial homeowners grew 146 percent in the cityin the past five years.

"Based on budget, there are several great Portland neighborhoods that appeal to buyers in their 30s," said Aimee Virnig, principal real estate agent at Windermere Real Estate. Laurelhurst, Alameda, Hawthorne and Sellwood. But many starters do not have an unlimited budget. For this group, we prioritize what matters most: home and yard size, proximity to work and schools, and finding some great spots in neighborhoods like Cully and Roseway in Northeast Portland that offer vintage bungalows and artisan homes , and Parkrose and Argay Terrace on the northeast edge of Portland, which has a good stock of mid-century properties on larger lots."

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Stockholm, Switzerland

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Stockholmconsistently ranked as one of the cities with thethe best quality of life in the world, thanks to its stable economy, excellent public transport, many parks and top-notch health and education systems. As the seat of the Swedish royal family, the city is also home to many historical monuments and cultural institutions, making it a haven for history and art enthusiasts.

“Stockholm is surrounded by natural beauty, with numerous parks, lakes and forests that provide opportunities for hiking, biking, swimming and other outdoor activities,” Anders Elbe of Snellman Sotheby's International Realty told T+L.."In winter there are also opportunities for ice skating, skiing and other winter sports."

Elbe explained that the real estate market in Stockholm is stable, making it a great place to invest and build wealth over time. He added that the average price of a single-family home in the city is about 6.8 million Swedish kronor (about $659,000).

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Washington DC.

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Onscapital of the countryhas grown into a lively center for young people, withentire neighborhoods are risingand transform the city. The main attraction for 30-year-olds remains the strong and stable labor market, which guarantees a high quality of life. DC also offerslots to do all year round- In the summer, residents head to the beaches of Maryland, Virginia, and DelawareNorth Carolina. And in the winter, West Virginia and Pennsylvania offer perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

"It's hard to imagine a more ideal place to buy a first home than Washington, D.C., especially when you're in your 30s," Andrew Pariser, a realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate, told T+ L.. "And when you think about future resale value, as this is the capital of the country, house prices tend to be less sensitive to the swings we see in other parts of the country."


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