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Give him all the luck in the world!

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Relationships are not rocket science. It's all about taking care of all the little things. In order for relationships to grow and stay strong throughout life, there are several things one must do. Especially with men, women can do many simple things to make them feel loved and cared for. And we're not talking about gifting expensive things to your husband. We're talking about behavior that makes a man feel loved and cared for. Usually in relationships, women are the ones who are often spoiled and showered with lots of love and attention. But men also like to be pampered. Most men aren't vocal and hardly express themselves, and that makes it a bit difficult for women because they have no idea what to do to please them. But we're here to help you deal with that confusion. We have listed 8 tips so that your man remains head over heels in love with you even after several years.ALSO READRelationship Advice For Men: 10 Tips That Will Make Your Sweetheart Proud Of You!

1. Be his best friend.

Every man looks for a friend in his partner. If you want your man to appreciate and love you more than ever, make sure you are his best friend first. Make him comfortable and reassure him that he can share whatever he wants with you, just like he would with his friends.ALSO READThese are the 5 worst reasons to be in a relationship with someone!

2. Be spontaneous and playful

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Men love to have fun with their partners. However, if you avoid fun or are not spontaneous and too predictable, men can become too bored. Do you remember how you were in the early stages of love? Drinks, movies, dates and fun, do it all now when you least expect it. Spontaneity always helps in a relationship.ALSO READThese 6 tips will tell you how to maintain a good relationship with your husband!

3. Give him his space

Men love to be left alone sometimes. They love their space and get angry when that space invades. If your man seems stressed or a little absent, just give him some time to calm down. Even if your husband wants to be alone and do his usual things like For example, watching his favorite shows or games, leave him alone. You also deserve time to yourself.ALSO READSingham 3 stars Suriya and Jyothika give us real relationship goals! PHOTOS TO SEE!

4. Never bring up your past in fights.

That's one thing that turns most men off. If you ever have a fight, never bring up your past. There's a reason it's called the past. He chose to move on and be with you. So respect him and make sure you never bring up his past. Don't forget that he trusted you when he told you about his past. Don't blame him.ALSO READRelationship Goals for 2017: 7 Goals You Need to Set for a Happier Life!).

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5. Express what you want from your husband

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Always express your feelings when you are in a relationship. He is not a mind reader and certainly cannot assume. Anytime you want or expect something from your man, bring it up. Just tell him what you need or what you feel and your man will appreciate you for it.(ALSO READSigns of a Possessive and Jealous Girlfriend: 10 Red Flags You Just Can't Ignore!)

6. Never go for the silent treatment.

Ignoring your man during a fight or when he hurts you seems like the best way to resolve the situation. But to be honest, men hate silence and he'll probably ignore you more than you do. As said, being loud and talking is always the best thing to do.ALSO READHow does a relationship work? 5 ways to keep your relationship strong and lasting!

7. Compliment him often.

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It's not just women who like compliments, men do too. If your man looks good on any given day, compliment him. If he did something to help you with the chores, appreciate him for it. It will boost your confidence.ALSO READWhy do long distance relationships work? 8 reasons why distance in love is harmless!

8. Be wild in bed

Relationship Advice For Women: 8 Tips To Keep Your Man Madly In Love With You! (5)

Another thing every man loves is good sex. To keep him sexually attracted, be wild in bed and don't hesitate to try new things. Be wild, spontaneous and sexy in bed.

These tips are all you need to make your man happy. Next time you want to do something for your man, just follow these tips and he will be the happiest. More than just material things, such simple things contribute to a happy relationship.

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