National Rail Requests: Off-peak tickets (2023)

The trains you can take and the times you can travel on an off-peak ticket vary significantly depending on the trip, the day/date of travel, and the train company you are traveling with. All off-peak tickets have a 'restriction code' assigned to the respective trip (a two-digit code made up of letters and numbers printed on the ticket). It is this restriction code that distinguishes when an off-peak ticket is valid for that particular trip. You can read the restriction code using the address bar above ( or the ticket and validity search tool below.

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As a general rule, off-peak time starts Monday through Friday at 09:30 in the main cities and towns and at 09:00 in the rest of the network. Weekends and holidays all day low season.

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Please use thetravel plannerSelect your preferred travel time and click "Check Ticket Availability and Prices" to see the full range of fares available for your trip.

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Discounts on off-peak tickets

  • Child discounts (50%) apply to all off-peak fares.
  • Railcard-InhaberGet 34% off all off-peak fares. Senior, HM Forces and Disabled Railcard holders also receive a 34% discount on all first class off-peak fares.

  • Saver members ages 16-17 receive a 50% discount on all reduced fare fares

Note thatMinimum Fees / Time RestrictionsMay apply to tickets purchased with 16-25, 26-30, Senior, Two Together or NetworkRailcard.

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National Rail Requests: Off-peak tickets (3)

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What are the terms and conditions?

  • You can find more information about tickets and fares in ourbuy ticketspage of book.

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  • Plan your trip with ourtravel planner.

  • See what you're eligible fordiscounts


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