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Discover everything you want to know about the bookugly lovein this guide toougly love: summary, review, characters and similar books to read next.

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New York Timesbest seller

ugly loveIt is one of the #1 favorite contemporary romance novels.New York TimesBestselling author Colleen Hoover. She is arguably the most popular novelist today among young female readers who are emotionally affected by the circumstances her characters face in love and the title of her book.ugly lovecertainly not an exception.


Table of Contents

ugly love characters

Below are the names and profiles of the most prominent characters ofugly love:

Tate Collins:a 23-year-old nursing student and a nurse in a hospital

Corbin Collins:Tate's brother who works as a pilot.

Miles Archer:Corbin's pilot friend and neighbor

Tapa:the 80-year-old elevator operator in the building where Corbin, Tate and Miles live

Raquel:Miles's ex who broke his heart

Ian Kessler:a friend of thousands

Watch:the son of miles and rachel

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ugly love summary

Guide to Ugly Love: Summary, Review, Characters and Related Books (3)

ThatUgly Love Age RatingIt is adults over 17 years of age.

Below is augly loveSummary of the main plot points.CON SPOILERS:

Tate Collins is a 23-year-old registered nurse studying to be a registered nurse and working in a hospital. She moves from San Diego to San Francisco to save money by living in a high-rise apartment building with her overprotective brother Corbin, a successful pilot.

Upon arrival, she first meets Cap, the charming 80-year-old elevator operator, who immediately becomes friends with her.

Later, at her brother's apartment, she meets airline pilot Miles Archer, drunk and moaning "Rachel". It's not exactly love at first sight, as Miles is rude to Tate, but they try to start over afterwards.

Tate is focused on his work and studies, while Miles is very private about his personal life and his past.

But after spending Thanksgiving with the Collins family, where Tate is nursing an injured Miles back to health, he kisses her. It's now clear that Tate and Miles have an undeniable attraction to each other. The problem? She doesn't have time for love and he doesn't want love.

They end up agreeing to a "Friends with Benefits" or "No Strings Attached" deal meant to be purely physical. Miles sets the ground rules that Tate won't question his past or seek a future with him, but Tate struggles to make his own rules for the arrangement.

Because they are so physical, the narrative alternates between Tate's perspective in the present and Miles' perspective six years ago when he was in high school.

There he met and fell in love with the new girl Rachel, only to discover that she was actually the daughter of his father's new girlfriend, who Miles believes was his father's mistress while his mother was dying.

When Rachel becomes pregnant, they tell her parents, only to discover that her parents got married in secret and are now half-siblings. Her parents aren't happy with them, but as Rachel's due date approaches, they have graduated from high school, are living in family college housing, and are settling their family feud.

Meanwhile, in the present, Tate falls deeply in love with Miles and wants to be the one to "change" him while continuing to follow the rules he's set and keeping Tate at arm's length at all times except in physical situations.

Tate continues to believe that something deeper is bothering Miles and that, deep down, he's a good person. She seeks Cap's advice as she deals with his growing feelings. Also, Corbin finds out about her relationship and accepts her, although initially overprotective and angry.

When Miles is jealous that Tate is studying with a fellow student, she thinks it might be a sign that he's breaking down her walls. But when she confesses her feelings, he reminds her of her rules.

Eventually, Tate moves into her own apartment, and she and Miles stop communicating.

Corbin and Ian then encourage Miles to come to terms with his past by visiting Rachel.

In the past, love turns ugly. Rachel gave birth to a son, Clayton, and on her way home from the hospital, the car crashed into a lake. Miles saved Rachel but couldn't save her baby who died. Overwhelmed with grief, Rachel left Miles. It was this sequence of events that made Miles a broken man in the present.

Miles visits Rachel in the present. Now married with a daughter, she claims that she has found happiness again.

terrible end of love

Below is the conclusionugly loveSummary, with the end of the book:


Sombrero Ugly Love ein Happy End?

Yes. After visiting his ex Rachel, who helps him deal with the past, Miles shows up at Tate's new apartment. Finally, he tells her the whole truth about her past. He takes Tate and Cap on a plane, where he proposes to Tate. They get married and have a daughter they call Cap. Both Tate and Miles are happily in love with a family.

What is the moral of ugly love?

the moral ofugly loveit's that after tragedy and loss there is happiness again and that people need to deal with the bad moments in life as well as enjoy the good ones.

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ugly love review

  • GoodReads Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (over 900,000 reviews)
  • Amazon Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (84,000+ reviews)
  • My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Below is my personal review ofugly love– the good, the bad and the… ugly (wink):

ugly loveis one ofColleen Hoover's best booksOverall, he is loved by readers around the world for the heartbreaking events Miles went through and must face in order to find love and happiness again with Tate, who, despite his lack of emotions towards her and his desire to a purely physical relationship in love. with the.

There were things I liked and disliked. First, I liked the fact that Miles and Tate were experiencing "real" life together. They weren't just two beautiful people who couldn't keep their hands off each other. As the title suggests, real life and true love aren't pretty, they're ugly.

As with most othersBooks by Colleen Hoover, it was also fast-paced, hot and very emotional.

On the negative side, I felt that Miles's character was explored in great detail, whereas Tates's was not. Because of this, I had a hard time seeing her as "the one" for Miles. I thought he was the oneforevermore in love with Rachel.

It also seemed unlikely that Miles would have "arrived" at Tate without a LOT of therapy and worked on himself beyond what the book showed.

While I liked that Miles had a lot of personal history and that I read the book page by page, I was justknewsomething very, very wrong must have kept him so closed off in the present, I also felt his backstory was a bit overdramatized, especially at such a young age.

It's not impossible that it was all his truth, but it was definitely unlikely. I usually struggle with plots that seem to involve every imaginable traumatic event in a character's life.

I also didn't like that Tate was "that girl" who believed she could change a man just by loving him enough. It happens all too often in real life and almost never ends well. So, I really didn't like the message that loving someone who isn't in a place for mature love will eventually make them a great match.

Finally, a positive ending, I thought.ugly loveit had an amazing supporting cast, from Cap to Corbin to Ian. They were all interesting additions to the Miles and Tate story and made the book all the more memorable.

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Books similar to Ugly Love

If you want to read more books, e.g.ugly love, I encourage you to read romance books that deal with "one-string" relationships, "friends with benefits" relationships, and/or characters dealing with very traumatic pasts in their current love life.

Here are some similar books.ugly loveto check, based on my personal recommendation and its popularity among other readers:

that's the endugly loveSummary, Character Guide, Review and Readalikes.

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Who are the characters in the book Ugly Love? ›

Ugly Love is an interesting novel that follows our two main characters, Tate Collins and Miles Archer. The story is actually told in alternating chapters, Tate's being the present day, and Miles, being told from his younger self 6 years ago. His POV does move up to date, but only towards the end.

What is the book Ugly Love about summary? ›

Ugly Love is one of Colleen Hoover's most noteworthy releases. This story follows Tate, a woman who falls for a distraught and reticent man named Miles. When these two souls meet, their connection is undeniable. However, Miles is a broken man and he cannot offer Tate anything other than a physical relationship.

Do Tate and Miles end up together? ›

After Miles visits his ex Rachel, who helps him process the past, he shows up at Tate's new apartment. Finally, he tells her the whole truth about his past. He takes Tate and Cap up in an airplane, where he proposes to Tate. They get married, and they have a daughter, who they name after Cap.

Do Tate and Miles have a baby? ›

After Cap gets off the airplane, Miles comes back and gives Tate a key to his apartment and asks her to move in with him. She says yes, but then he also proposes to her. She accepts, and they're very happy. About two years later, Tate and Miles have a baby girl named Sam after Cap's real name, Samuel.

Does Miles love Tate? ›

Miles did eventually fell in love with Tate and in the last few chapter you could tell how much he adored her but at the end of the day I feel like he'll always have that love for Rachel in his heart despite all she did because it's hard to forget your first love with whom you spend some of the best times of your life ...

What chapter do Tate and Miles sleep together? ›

Chapter 13 Summary: “Tate”

Once Corbin is asleep, Tate sneaks into Miles's apartment. They have sex, and Miles performs oral sex on Tate.

Who are the characters in November 9? ›

November 9 is about two complicated characters: Fallon O'Neill, an ex-child star with a once-bright future ahead of her, and Ben Kessler, a mysterious boy who enters her life with impeccable timing.

Why did Ben set the fire? ›

November 9 Book Ending

It explains that Ben's mother committed suicide, and he blamed it on Fallon's father, Donovan, who was dating her at the time and had broken up with her. So, Ben set fire to Donovan's car, which spread to the house where Fallon was staying.

Do Miles and Tate show up in November 9? ›

and so many of you were so shook by this and wanted to know more. the characters from ugly love show up in November the main characters in ugly love are miles and tate. miles is an airline pilot.

What happens to Miles Archer? ›

Miles Archer was killed by Brigid O'Shaughnessy in The Maltese Falcon.

Who is Atlas Corrigan? ›

Atlas Corrigan was the 17-year-old homeless boy Lily helped when she was 15. Circumstances led Atlas and Lily to part ways as a child but Lily never let Atlas slip away from her heart. Even after she found love in Ryle, her time with Atlas always foreshadowed her new relationship.

What happens to Miles and Rachel's baby? ›

First you find out his mom just died, and then you find out his dad already has a new girlfriend, and then you find out the girlfriend's daughter is RACHEL, AND THEN SHE GOT PREGNANT, AND THEN THE BABY DIES IN A CAR ACCIDENT. AND.

How do Tate and Miles meet? ›

An unforgettable love story that breaks all the rules. When Tate Collins finds airline pilot Miles Archer passed out in front of her apartment door, it is definitely not love at first sight. In fact, they wouldn't even consider themselves friends. But what they do have is an undeniable mutual attraction.


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