Cocktail bars, live music and lively clubs highlight Fort Myers' nightlife (2023)

Fort Myers and the surrounding barrier islands offer fantastic nightlife. Downtown Fort Myers is a prime stop for party-goers looking for plenty of options. The brick streets are lined with original caves, wine bars, pubs and clubs. The area will really take off over the course of the month.Musical and artistic walks.

Another attractive destination for the pub-hopping group isgulf coast centerA. Although it is very popular among university students, there are places for all ages and tastes. from tequila bars to cigar bars and piano bars.

Vacationers looking for a more relaxed island-style atmosphere will enjoy having a beer or cocktail at one of the many beachside bars on Estero and Sanibel Islands.beach barconsistently delivers a good time. It's right on the beach with live music every night and right next to Lani Kai Island Resort's Spring Break party mecca if you're feeling adventurous.

Whether you want to kick back to live music or dance to a DJ, you'll find a place to cuddle up on this 10Best list.

*Keep in mind. Some of these facilities were damaged by Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 storm that hit the area on September 27, and may still be under repair.


Italian restaurant Mona Lisa

Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

This is not just any pizzeria, but a paradise for karaoke lovers. A longtime favorite for pizza, locals have been drawn to this bar for late-night fun for decades. Apart from the cold drinks and the friendly waiters, the karaoke is the main reason. It's become so popular that karaoke competitions are often held here, and when Broadway shows play at the nearby Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, off-the-clock professionals often stop by for a song or two. That doesn't mean that all the singers who sign up here are talented, but they do have fun. Additionally, the kitchen prepares New York-style hot and cheesy pizzas; the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer and a night out.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: A family pizzeria by day, a packed bar by night, this is the place to go if you want to enjoy a good round of karaoke.

Gina's expert advice: Tuesday is half price pizza day. Please check social media and website pages as special offers may change seasonally.

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Fort Myers Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

One of the first local breweries in the area, it has become by far the largest and most popular. Fort Myers Brewing Company is expanding its facility into a quirky off-the-beaten-path industrial park, with more than 20 taps, TVs to watch your favorite sporting events, and oversized games like Jenga and bean bag toss to keep you company while you sample the prize. winning beers are provided here. The atmosphere is relaxed, people even bring their own lawn chairs to hang out outside. There are food trucks all along the narrow street, so you can spend hours here without having to fit into a "scene".

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: A relaxed, casual atmosphere awaits you at the area's first and largest brewery, complete with games, food trucks and fantastic beer.

Gina's expert advice– Look for a Panther Crossing sign on Daniels Parkway to mark the turn into this obscure business park

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Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

Adjacent to Twisted Vine Bistro, this bourbon and blues bar has brought a new level of "cool" to downtown Fort Myers. The space is cozy, with reclaimed wood, low lighting, and a small stage that has been home to some of the area's best jazz and blues musicians. The owners also have a knack for booking big names and Grammy winners looking for a place to travel between their concerts in the bigger cities of Tampa and Miami. Here you will not only find a wide selection of bourbon, scotch, whiskey, wine and other spirits, but also small bites. The Barrel Room is a fun and challenging place in Fort Myers.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: For live music and a wide variety of spirits in a rustic setting, this is the place to be in downtown Fort Myers.

Gina's expert advice: Would you like to listen to music at brunch? Visit the jazz brunch every Sunday

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Das Roadhouse-Café

Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

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The Roadhouse owners have connections and use them to the delight of music lovers. The family of famed trumpeter Louis Colombo opened the cafe in 2007, inspired by his successful Cape Cod restaurant. Colombo has had a great career, performing with legends like Dizzy Gillespie and Tony Bennett. He spent the winter months in Fort Myers, where he loved to perform at the Roadhouse, as did his famous friends. Colombo died in 2012 but his friends still come back and play in his honor. This is a great place to eat and dance and seats over 40 people. As soon as he walks into this beautiful cafe, he'll forget he's in a Florida mall, he'll think he's in the big city and he's just hit the music jackpot.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: The Roadhouse is known for booking world-famous jazz musicians at this stylish and modern nightspot.

Gina's expert advice: Make plans to eat here, the food is excellent and the menu is extensive.

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Shuckers en Gulfshore y Cottage Bar

Playa de Fort Myers

Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

The cabin is cool and a popular place for locals year round. Part of the more civilized and recently refurbished Gulfshore Grill, The Cottage is a casual open-air beach bar with uninterrupted water views. People come by car, by boat, and on foot to have fun here. There is live music almost every night at The Cottage. Sometimes the acts are solo and more mellow, other times whole bands form and rock out. Sometimes you can also hear music from the neighboring Lani Kai Resort, a spring break magnet. The madness is fun to watch from the safety of the cabin deck, but it's also easy to walk alongside and join in on the raucous celebration.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: One of the most popular party spots on the beach, no matter the season, for location, entertainment, and views of the beach.

Gina's expert advice: When looking for parking, keep an eye out for "No Parking" signs, trailering on the beach is aggressive. Opt for valet parking.

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Buddha's rock club

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Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

This former Chinese restaurant has been transformed into one of the most notorious local bars in the Fort Myers area. You'll know you're in the right place by the huge Buddha statue in the parking lot. A few things to count on at this bar, the drinks are cold and cheap and the music is loud. Local bands love to rock out here, as do touring bands. Something about the little Buda dance floor makes people go a little crazy. It's not uncommon to see partygoers in jeans and T-shirts jumping next to someone in a polo shirt or even formal attire. All are welcome at the Buddha.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: This rock and roll venue offers cheap cold drinks, loud music, and a space that seems to fit everyone.

Gina's expert advice: There is a makeshift garden area at the back for those who need some fresh air.

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dixie roadhouse

You don't have to wear cowboy hats and boots to get into this country-style club, but if you do, you'll fit right in. You will also do well if you like and have line dancing skills. However, Dixie, as the locals call her, wants everyone to join in on the fun, so she offers free line dancing lessons at the start of the night. Dixie features the largest hardwood dance floor in the area and also offers plenty of space for live bands and other special events. If you think you can't handle country music all night, you'll be happy to know that the DJs here are happy to spice things up with hip-hop and dance mixes. Plus, there are drink specials and giveaways almost every night of the week.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: Here you will find more than just country music, DJs, live concerts and lots of dancing make the locals flock here.

Gina's expert advice: Have a designated driver if you plan to drink, as the police have a good reputation in the area.

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gulf coast center

Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

Gulf Coast Town Center (GCTC) is one of Fort Myers' best places to eat and drink. The sprawling, village-like layout has watering holes at each corner, making it a one-stop party store. Whatever your crowd or mood, you're sure to find a suitable place to play here. Enjoy live music, premium hand-rolled cognacs and cigars at the World Famous Cigar Bar, premium tequilas at Cantina 109, or handing out pianos and dancing at The Keys Bar & Grille. You can even watch a movie here. The GCTC's proximity to Florida Gulf Coast University makes it a popular spot for college kids, but with the plethora of restaurants and bars, there's something tempting for all ages.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: Gulf Coast Town Center has dozens of bars and special events to make this a unique party spot for all moods.

Gina's expert advice: Visit the site for free concerts and movie nights.

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the flint


Photo courtesy of Gina Birch

The Firestone is a four-story restaurant and entertainment complex in a historic building overlooking the renovated downtown Fort Myers waterfront. An express lift at the entrance leads to the rooftop Sky Bar, where some of the area's best DJs keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. Known by locals as the "Brick Bar," the third-floor Martini Bar features live bands and DJs. The bar has been refurbished and although it still has some of the old rustic feel to it, it is definitely more elegant. Check the website for an up-to-date list of bands, and wait in line on a Friday or Saturday night.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: The four-story Firestone has something for everyone; Food, dancing, live music, DJ and a stylish rooftop bar.

Gina's expert advice: Parking can be a challenge, so use the free valet service in front of the building.

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Art Walk and Music Walk

river district

Fort Myers' Downtown River District really comes alive during the monthly Art Walk (first Friday of the month) and Music Walk (third Friday of the month). Galleries, museums, and shops stay open late, with special exhibits, activities, and lots of music. During the Music Walk, artists and bands take to the streets and dozens of venues, playing jazz, rock and roll, Top 40 and everything in between. Just as fun as the block party is extensive bar hopping at popular hangouts like the World Famous Cigar Bar, Gotham, Ford's Garage, Space 39, The 86 Room, Club Indigo, City Tavern, Downtown Social House and more. In the city center you will find a bar for almost every taste.

recommended forThe best nightlifebueno: It is the best free party in the city, right on the doorstep of some of the most popular bars and clubs in the city.

Gina's expert advice: Parking on the street is free after 17:00.

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