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#1New York TimesBestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with a heartbreaking new love story.
When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she doesn't think it's love at first sight. They wouldn't even go as far as calling each other friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their wishes are fulfilled, they find they have the perfect setup. He doesn't want love, she doesn't have time for love, so sex is the only option. Her arrangement could be surprisingly perfect as long as Tate can abide by the only two rules Miles has for her.
Never ask about the past.
Don't wait for a future.
They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately that they can't handle it at all.
The hearts are infiltrated.
Promises are broken.
The rules are shaken.
love turns ugly

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My review:

Hello bookworms and welcome back! Today I bring you a review of Colleen Hoover's Ugly Love.

This book is the first I've read by Colleen Hoover.made me a complete CoHo fan. His writing of him is not only extremely wonderful, captivating, poetic and artistic, but the story was absolutely heartbreaking with great characters! Ugly Love is a novel about love. It is a love story. Apparently. But if you're looking for a swooning, squeal-sweet romance, think again. This new adult novelexplore love in its ugliest form, the lowest times you could possibly get. But not only that, Ugly Love is a novel that exploresLoss, guilt and acceptance and the idea of ​​letting go of your past to give into your future.And it's absolutely beautifully done.

Love isn't always pretty, Tate. Sometimes you spend all your time hoping that one day it will be different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you're back to square one, losing your heart somewhere along the way.

As always, I'll start with our characters.Tate collinsHe is our main character. She is certified but has joined her pilot's brother for even more nursing training. That's all she's ready for. She until she meets her brother's friend across the hall, Miles. She agrees with Miles to have sex with no strings attached. I thought Tate was a good character, I liked him. He has standards, he knows how to take care of himself and defend himself. He is also very sensitive to people.

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a thing thatirritatedabout her was the way she handled the arrangement with Miles. For me, I found the arrangement completely ridiculous. But I understood the reasons for this. Whenever she's around Miles, she seems like she has no control over herself and she can't think straight. This kind of frustrated me because I kept wondering when Tate would come to! However, if I had been in her situation, chances are she would have done the same as they did.

It will eventually break it, but I still allow it to fill it up. Every time I'm with him it gets more painful when he rips him off my chest like he never belonged there.

milesis our second main character in this novel. He's our romantic interest and the man to have sex with Tate, as you already know.I really liked his character, like REALLY.He's definitely one of my book friends now. miles isextremely attractive, let's get that out of the way. He is also a very restless character and as such he is seen to be very calm and withdrawn in the novel.

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I guess when a man has seen the uglier side of love, he may never want to see it again.

Things that happened in his past revolve around him and it's all very mysterious, not just for Tate but also for the readers. I was wondering what could have hurt him so much that she avoids ever loving someone again. As the novel progressed and I slowly read the revelation of his past, I came to love him more and more. He comes across as a bastard. Believe,Who uses a girl for sex? So bad.But there's more than that. He isa very nice boy. He isuntilYterribly cute. There were moments of his when my heart was oppressed in my chest.

mile warthe most developed characterin ugly love we see him go from being aloof, withdrawn and very cautious to a slow confrontation with his past and the possibilities of his future. Hehe struggles a lot with what happened in his pastand it's obvious how much you have limited how you live your life. It was heartbreaking and heartbreaking to read about his past and how he is coping with it in the present. I cried towards the end of the book. I had to hold back tears because I read this at work.

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The difference between the ugly and the beautiful side of love is that the beautiful side is much brighter. It makes you feel like you are floating. picks you up carries you The beautiful parts of love keep you above the rest of the world. They keep you pining for all the bad stuff and you just look at everything else and think:Wow, I'm so glad to be here.

Corbinhe is Tate's older brother. He's a great character and I love how he writes as a brother to him.He's a big brother to Tate.He is protective and has high standards for the man who will become Tate's boyfriend, whoever he may be. I don't have much else to say about him other than the fact that I'm very glad to see his character written like this. The other minor characters were great additions to the novel and all had their own personalities.DillonHe was a despicable man and I despised him more in this novel.EneHe's a character who doesn't appear often in the book, but he was a good friend to Miles and kind and considerate as far as I could tell from this novel.

Tapahe was one of mineFavorite charactersin this novel! He was so wise, so funny and sweet, and like a best friend to Tate. He always had the smartest things to say and the funniest things to say. When I found out who he really was, I smiled because I couldn't believe how cheeky he was.

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Sometimes a man's spirit is not strong enough to resist the ghosts of his past. Maybe the guy just lost his nerve somewhere along the way.

Let's talk about the followingPlot.I really liked the plot, but here I found small flaws. This novel examines the experiences and feelings of Tate and Miles as they try to maintain a non-binding sexual relationship. No personal things, no love. just sex. I personally don't like that idea, so I thought it was ridiculous. I also didn't like the way it portrayed sex objects. That's why it dropped 0.5 stars.But other than that, it's an incredibly beautiful love story. Explore the ugly side of love: first love and the tragedies that can accompany it. It explores how guilt from the past can lead to something all-consuming, and examines forgiveness and the ability to move on and move on with life and find new love. It was beautiful and honestly made me want to cry out an ugly cryBut unfortunately I was at work so I couldn't do that.

colleen hooverswriting styleit was really unique. She told this story from the perspective ofact in the presentand then alsomiles six years ago.I loved that we saw Tate and Miles' experiences in the present and how they slowly connected to Miles's past. It's also a very slow reveal, so it builds slowly in your mind and heart until the very end, where it's all revealed and culminated. At the time, Colleen Hoover had all my feelings in her hands and she literally poured them all out at once. It was almost overwhelming but absolutely amazing.

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That's all for this review! I recommend it to everyone in general, but keep in mind that you must be at least 16 years old, as it is intended for slightly more mature readers and contains explicit scenes. But it is a beautiful novel that deserves to be read!

Have you read this book? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.
Do you intend to read this book? Did my review help in any way? Tell me in the comments!

~ josie the bookworm xoxo


What is the most appropriate Colleen Hoover book? ›

Some Colleen Hoover books are appropriate for 14 year olds. The following Colleen Hoover books are rated as Young Adult books for persons aged 14 and over: Slammed, Point of Retreat, This Girl, Regretting You, Heart Bones, and Never Never (all three parts).

Are Colleen Hoover's books inappropriate? ›

Her books are generally recommended for readers aged 17 and up due to the fact that they often deal with heavy subject matter. Parents should be aware that Hoover's novels often contain graphic depictions of violence, sexual assault, and other disturbing content.

Do Tate and Miles have a baby? ›

Tate and Miles have a baby girl named Sam after Cap's real name, Samuel. Miles was afraid he wouldn't be able to handle loving another baby again, but when he sees and holds Sam, he knows he is capable of love and true happiness again. Tate is happy, and Miles has the family he always wanted.

Do Tate and Miles end up together? ›

After Miles visits his ex Rachel, who helps him process the past, he shows up at Tate's new apartment. Finally, he tells her the whole truth about his past. He takes Tate and Cap up in an airplane, where he proposes to Tate. They get married, and they have a daughter, who they name after Cap.

What is the most underrated Colleen Hoover book? ›

One of the most underrated books by Colleen Hoover, Heart Bones is an incredible book that will make you rethink your life. The book maintains a Goodreads rating of 4.34.

Can a 13 year old read Verity? ›

There are mature themes here, so I would recommend this for kids 13+. In addition to a gripping story, kids will learn something about the time period. Characters are not perfect- more realistic.

What are the trigger warnings for November 9 by Colleen Hoover? ›

November 9 Trigger Warnings
  • suicide.
  • car accident.
  • arson.
  • physical scars.
  • grief.
Feb 10, 2023

Is the love hypothesis appropriate for 14 year olds? ›

This book contains talk of cancer, language, alcohol, sexual content (both in conversation and 1 detailed scene). I would give this book an age rating of 18+.

Does it starts with us have spicy scenes? ›

It Starts With Us brings back many familiar and favorite characters and introduces some intriguing new ones. And although there are a few steamy sex scenes, it's less edgy than. Most of the writing is less corny, although there are still some gems like using being "taken" for having sex.

Does miles love Tate or Rachel? ›

Miles did eventually fell in love with Tate and in the last few chapter you could tell how much he adored her but at the end of the day I feel like he'll always have that love for Rachel in his heart despite all she did because it's hard to forget your first love with whom you spend some of the best times of your life ...

What happens to Miles and Rachel's baby? ›

First you find out his mom just died, and then you find out his dad already has a new girlfriend, and then you find out the girlfriend's daughter is RACHEL, AND THEN SHE GOT PREGNANT, AND THEN THE BABY DIES IN A CAR ACCIDENT. AND.

Does Miles ever love Tate? ›

Miles apologizes for everything he's done to her and explains his past. By the end, Miles tells Tate he loves her and he proposes to her. They are engaged and about two years later, they get married. Tate is crying but Miles isn't.

Did Miles and Rachel have a baby? ›

Rachel has a baby boy they name Clayton. Miles' makes up with his dad the same day Clayton is born. Now here's the bit that makes feel so much sympathy for Miles because no one should ever have to go through this.

What is Miles and Rachel's baby's name? ›

She gives birth to a baby boy, and Miles names him Clayton after their English teacher's surname; Miles and Rachel first met when he was supposed to lead her to Mr. Clayton's class. Miles is in awe of the baby and loves Rachel even more now that she is the mother of his child. He has his own family now.

What happens at the end of the book It Ends with Us? ›

With their little girl being born, Lily eventually decides to ask Ryle for a divorce to break the cycle, thus the title “It Ends with Us.” The book ends with Lily and Atlas running into each other about a year and a half after her divorce from Ryle.

What makes Colleen Hoover so popular? ›

Hoover is eclectic. She's written romances, a steamy psychological thriller, a ghost story, harrowing novels about domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness and poverty. Though her books are hard to categorize, most of them have an addictive combination of sex, drama and outrageous plot twists.

What else should I read if I like Colleen Hoover? ›

16 YA Books To Read If You're A Fan of Colleen Hoover
  • A Year to the Day. by Robin Benway. by Robin Benway.
  • The Name She Gave Me. by Betty Culley. by Betty Culley.
  • The Stepping Off Place. by Cameron Kelly Ro... by Cameron Kelly Ro...
  • Meet Me in the Middle. by Alex Light. by Alex Light.

Is the book Verity spicy? ›

Verity has no shortage of extra-spicy love scenes, but Hoover leans in hard on the horror and psychological thriller aspects of this story.

Is the book Verity inappropriate? ›

Overall audience notes:

Adult romance thriller. Language: a lot: cursing, vulgar, slurs, etc. Violence: physical, murder (in various forms, but don't want to spoil!) Romance: a LOT of sex & very very (too much honestly) descriptive.

What did Verity do to her kids? ›

In Verity's autobiography, she nearly smothers her daughter Harper and then realizes that Jeremy might have seen her on the baby monitor.

Is November 9 a spicy book? ›

What's it about? November 9 is a highly-strung romance by our absolute favourite, Colleen Hoover. I went into this expecting all the amazing tension that we normally find in a Hoover novel, and this book delivered that 110%.

Is November 9 an inappropriate book? ›

Due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence, this book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age. Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move.

Does November 9 have a happy ending? ›

Those last few November 9ths were an emotional rollercoaster. But, the book does have a happy ending.

Does love hypothesis have spicy scenes? ›

I've seen The Love Hypothesis proclaimed as spicy, which it is, but it's in no way smutty. There's really only one (admittedly extensive) sex scene in this book. But that scene was absolute fire. Again, it's a slow burn of a romance, but the one aforementioned sex scene is about as open-door as it gets.

Is The Love Hypothesis asexual? ›

LGBTQIA representation in well-developed supporting characters. Asexual representation- the protagonist, Olive, is most likely demisexual although this word is not used directly when she describes her sexuality (but an almost textbook definition is used).

Is love hypothesis a Lgbtq book? ›

The Love Hypothesis (Paperback) An LGBT romantic comedy with a twist from the Comedy Women in Print prize winner Laura Steven, author of The Exact Opposite of Okay.

Do I need to read it starts with us before it ends with us? ›

In many ways, Hoover presents a “second-chance” romance that alternates between Atlas's and Lily's points of views. “It Ends With Us” must be read first in order to fully understand the magnitude of some of the trivial events in “It Starts With Us.”

Which chapter of It Ends With Us is spicy? ›

Chapter 13 of it ends with us vibes😅#booktok #spicy #itendswithus #bo... TikTok.

Does it ends with us have trigger warnings? ›

It Ends With Us Trigger Warnings

Abuse. Death of a family member. Sexual assault. Attempted rape.

How did Miles and Rachel breakup? ›

The relationship turned physical, but that's when she revealed a complication: She was married. Mike initially does the right thing and turns her away, but after falling further into his mental health spiral, they engage in an affair. He eventually calls it off despite her saying she'll end her marriage to be with him.

How do Tate and Miles meet? ›

An unforgettable love story that breaks all the rules. When Tate Collins finds airline pilot Miles Archer passed out in front of her apartment door, it is definitely not love at first sight. In fact, they wouldn't even consider themselves friends. But what they do have is an undeniable mutual attraction.

What happens to Rachel's pregnancy? ›

In season seven, Ross and Rachel have sex, and Rachel gets pregnant. Rachel gives birth to a girl in season eight, naming the baby Emma Geller-Green; the name Emma is a gift from Monica, who had previously been reserving the name for her own child.

Does Monica keep the baby? ›

Unable to conceive children on their own, Chandler and Monica eventually adopt twins Erica and Jack and move out of their apartment into a larger house in the suburbs.

Who does Miles marry in comics? ›

This world was first encountered by the Earth-65 Spider-Gwen twenty years after the highly publicized wedding between Miles and Gwen, who was shocked to meet her future children. Dealing with a villainous version of Miles' father Jefferson Davis, Gwen asked Earth-8 for back-up against him and his allies.

Why does Miles have extra powers? ›

Bitten by a genetically engineered spider known as specimen 42, which is slightly different than the one that granted Peter Parker superhuman powers, Miles Morales possesses abilities similar to the original Spider-Man's, including enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes, the ability to adhere to walls and ceilings ...

Who is Miles main villain? ›

Simon Krieger is the main antagonist of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He is the head of research and development at Roxxon Corporation, Krieger is in charge of their new Nuform clean energy project.

Does Rachel become pregnant? ›

In season seven, Ross and Rachel have sex, and Rachel gets pregnant. Rachel gives birth to a girl in season eight, naming the baby Emma Geller-Green; the name Emma is a gift from Monica, who had previously been reserving the name for her own child.

Who did Rachel Riley have a baby with? ›

Countdown's Rachel Riley welcomed her second baby, ten-month-old daughter Noa, with husband Pasha Kovalev in November 2021, making them a family of four with her older sister Maven, age two.

How did Rachel get pregnant? ›

Ross and Rachel were writings out their vows together for Monica and Chandler's wedding. Then suddenly, a little later, they got drunk and suddenly got naked and had sex and ended up sleeping together. This one-night stand resulted in Rachel becoming pregnant with Ross's baby.

Who is the father of Rachel child? ›

As the daughter of Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Emma was born in the season 8 finale, “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part 2.”

When did Rachel get pregnant? ›

"The One Where Rachel Has a Baby" is the double-length finale of the eighth season of Friends. It first aired on NBC on May 16, 2002. In the episode, Rachel spends 21 hours in labor, and watches many of her roommates, including Janice giving birth before her.

Did Lily end up with Atlas? ›

At the end of It Ends With Us we see Lily and Atlas eventually get together when they are both in a better place.

Do Lily and Atlas have babies? ›

Eleven months later, she ran into Atlas and indicated that she was ready to have a relationship with him. They are now married; raising her daughter, Emmy, along with his little brother, Josh.

Why did Lily name her daughter Dory? ›

9) atlas sleeping with 15 year old lily when he was an legal adult. 10) lily naming her daughter dory after the fish in finding nemo.

Is it ends with us appropriate for 13 year olds? ›

Suitable for readers 17 and up. Trigger warnings for violence & attempted rape.

Is November 9 appropriate for 13 year olds? ›

Due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence, this book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age. Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move.

Is it ends with us spicy? ›

tbh … i saw persons blaming Colleen, but it's on the community for romanticising it, It's a beautiful book but it's not Erotic to be considered spicy.

Does November 9 have steamy scenes? ›

This book wasn't graphic and detailed when it comes to sex scenes at all, everything just feels so romantic. I also really like their book-flirting because Fallon is a bookworm and I lurrrrrvvvvv their jokes about that, the best really.

Can a 16 year old read Verity? ›

Some I wouldn't recommend for teens at all. But books like Slammed, Heart Bones, Regretting You, Hopeless, I think are okay for older teens. But books like Verity, Too Late and Ugly Love I'd definitely NOT recommend for teens.


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