Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (2023)

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (1)

Beverley Mini Guide

Welcome to much more on the way

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (2)

Welcome to Beverly.

This guide has been put together to help you get the most out of your visit.

The bustling market town of Beverley offers an attractive mix of past and present and there is plenty to see and do.

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While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate, VHEY, East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull Council cannot accept any responsibility for errors or omissions, or any consequences arising from the use of the information in the guide.

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Promotion of tourism in collaboration with

Beverley Minster Cover: View of the Cathedral from Beverley Beck In 2012, Beverley became a 'Walkers are Welcome' accredited town. The brand is part of a national movement to raise awareness of great hiking spots in Britain.

This is already a popular town for visitors and local walkers, but this will further promote Beverley and walking opportunities in the town and also use the town as a starting point for walks outside the town centre.

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Early Beverley The Romans had many settlements in East Yorkshire, centered around Brough, a port for the Roman fleet, or Malton, the headquarters of the cavalry division. The nearest village to Beverley was at Bishop-Burton. Beverley appears to have been an Anglo-Saxon foundation.

The charismatic John, Bishop of York, retired to a monastery he founded 'in the woods of Deira', died and was buried there in 721. His cloister, on the south side of the current cathedral, probably stood in a clearing in the woods that once covered much of the area. The monastery had a lake to the south, now Woodmansey.

The life of John of Beverley was recorded by Bede, the first English historian. His tomb was the scene of many miracles and pilgrims came from afar to visit it. The first settlement arose from the needs of the pilgrims; a privileged place, with tax exemptions and a powerful refuge.

When the great study called the Domesday Book was written, York's entry ran to several pages, but Beverley is disappointingly short. 'Beverley...was always free of the king's money [tax]' explains why: the king collected no taxes and was

not interested. However, it seems to have been a large and prosperous place, and the large wooded meadows have already been recorded.

The Middle Ages Throughout the Middle Ages, Beverley flourished on a firm ecclesiastical foundation. John's Saxon cathedral was replaced by a Romanesque version under the Normans; after a disastrous fire in 1188, a new Gothic building, completed in the 1390s, was begun at the northern end of the town. Monasteries and hospitals like St Giles came. The markets brought wealth, the buying and selling of wool and food. Goods arrived by road or as far as Beverley Beck and paid a toll to the town. The city was never walled, but it did have gates, toll gates and a moat that can still be seen to the west. Merchants organized guilds for commercial and social purposes, and the mysteries of the Beverley guilds were enacted throughout the town. The most exotic and unusual guild was that of the minstrels of northern England, commemorated on the NE pillar of the nave of St Mary's Church, "this pillar made [by] minstrels", and on the dozens of musical carvings on the minster .

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A brief history of Beverley courtesy of the Beverley Civic Society


beverley cathedral

beverley westwood

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16th - 17th century Beverley remains a medieval town in the shape of its core. Behind the Georgian and Victorian facades of the buildings there is often a half-timbered skeleton; see in the Guildhall. When John Leland visited about 1540, he wrote: "The town is large and well built of wood...".

In the 16th century, the city went from medieval wealth to early modern poverty. The Pilgrimage of Grace (1536), directed by Robert Aske, was a serious attempt to stop the change. But Henry VIII and his son Edward demolished all the houses and religious customs that kept Beverley wealthy. The cloth trade also declined. During Elizabeth's reign, the city was in great trouble. In response to a desperate plea, the Queen gave the city a charter of incorporation, a Member of Parliament, and much church property. SoBeverley gradually emerged from the depression of the 16th century only to be hit again by the English Civil War. King Charles I stayed at NorthBar House with his two sons while he tried to persuade John Hotham to give up Hull. The armies marched through the city; soldiers were trained at Market Place and there were skirmishes at Westwood.

Modern Times After the uprisings of the 16th and 17th centuries, the 18th century

a golden age for Beverley. Houses have been rebuilt in much of the city center, which still retains its medieval form. Session rooms, racetracks, auditoriums, the theater, and gentlemen's clubs drew high-income families from the county to the city. Beverley became the center of local government, which it has remained ever since. Beverley's first drawing (c. 1720 by Samuel Buck) of Westwood shows a group of houses around several larger buildings, the row houses of the gentry. The earliest map of Beverley from 1747 shows how the town had grown beyond North Bar.

The railway arrived in the 19th century, built on the site of the old church (the Trinidades de los Caballeros Hospitalarios and the Convento de los Dominicos). In the 20th century the pattern of the old streets was influenced by the construction of Lord Roberts Rd, Champney Rd, Wylies Rd, Sow Hill Rd, New Walkergate and other road improvements. drainage to the south and east; but by the end of the 20th century, these restrictions no longer applied. The Civic Society was founded in 1961 in response to a threat to demolish Ladygate and has since taken an active interest in modern development.

the market cross

north bar

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Cherry Burton has historic buildings to the east including the beautiful St Michael's Church. You will also find a duck pond and a traditional village pub.


Leconfield is home to the Defense Transport School, formerly RAF Leconfield, and is used as a base for E Flight 202 Squadron's Sea King helicopters. Leconfield Castle was the home of the Percy family, Dukes of Northumberland. There are extensive remains of Tudor stonework on the exposed mound and the "moat" also survives. Near

Scorborough has many Iron Age barrows.


In its own shallow valley lies Etton (once belonging to the Knights Templar). The village buildings are almost entirely on either side of Main Street, where you will find the village public house and the parish church of St Mary.


The village of South Dalton is part of and managed by the Dalton Estate. The Hall is the home of Lord Hotham, whose family has owned land in the area for generations. The houses on The Estate are neat rows of houses, also in Tudor style.

houses in style, some with plaques dating back to 1706. The spire of St. Mary's Church is over 60 meters high and is a prominent landmark.


Watton, This famous monastic site is the location of Watton Priory, a double Gilbertine monastery founded in 1150 by Eustace Fitzjohn. It was dissolved in 1539 by Henry VIII. Watton's nun is known for her pregnancy while at the Priory.


The village of Eske is an excellent example of an abandoned village, 3 miles NE of Beverley and 1 mile north of Tickton, just east of the River Hull.


The quaint town of Bishop Burton once belonged to Bishop Burton, who later became Archbishop of York. You will find whitewashed houses, village gardens and a duck pond

of the best land-based universities in the UK.


Walkington is the former home of the Broadgate Hospital psychiatric facility, which opened in 1871. The hospital closed in 1989 to make way for private homes. The village pond is in the center of the village and is a major focal point and the parish church is All Hallows.

Nearby is the Bronze Age burial mound complex of Walkington Wold. The remains include decapitated Anglo criminals.

Around Beverley are pretty villages with quaint houses, ponds and relaxing country inns, all with their own history and distinctive character. Here's a small selection.


Must do • Lunch or dinner

in a nice village pub

• Visit a duck pond

• Stroll along the River Hull at Tickton

• Admire the many churches in the area

Obispo Burton Zuid-Dalton

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It forms the northernmost part of a chalk belt that stretches from the English Channel across the south and east of England to end in a stunning climax at Flamborough Head.

The beauty of the area is so beautiful that it has inspired world-renowned artist David Hockney to create works of art depicting wide roads, majestic skies and rolling hills - places featured in the 'Yorkshire Wolds & Beyond' guide.

This is an ideal walking area with rolling hills, tranquil valleys, quaint villages, country pubs and atmospheric farms. You can enjoy impressive viewpoints of open countryside and the network of trails and

bridal routes is excellent. This, together with the friendly Yorkshire hospitality, makes the visit well worth it.

Pick up a 'Yorkshire Wolds & Beyond' guidebook or buy a 'Walk the Wolds' walking pack from the Beverley Tourist Information Centre.

Downloadable Big Skies Bike Rides brochure at

East Yorkshire has some of the most picturesque market towns in the country, each with its own charm.

Untouchable • Los Yorkshire Wolds

National hiking trail

• Visit the Wolds Heritage Center in Warter

• Visit key locations that have inspired Hockney's recent work

Market towns Fresh air, scenic countryside and a haven for wildlife - the Yorkshire Wolds are breathtaking.

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Known as the Capital of the Wolds, Driffield is a vibrant market town with historic coaching inns, attractive Victorian architecture, many individual shops, a bustling street market (Thursdays) and a successful farmers' market (first Saturday of the month). The town is also home to several popular events, including the UK's largest one-day agricultural show in July.


This charming town on the western edge of the Wolds has a thriving cultural heart with a popular arts centre. The city center is characterized by red tiled roofs, unusual street

names and winding alleys. Pubs, shops and restaurants offer something for every taste and occasion, and the weekly market (Tuesday) has been around for a thousand years.


Nestled in the foothills of the Yorkshire Wolds, this vibrant and friendly market town has a variety of shops, cafes and pubs, a traditional market (Fridays) and a local produce market (3rd Saturday of the month). The town's most famous resident was William Bradley, born in 1787; He made his way into the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest man in England, standing at 7'9" and weighing 27 pounds.

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Farmers market in Yorkshire Wolds

yorkshire wolds

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Being a coastal area, specialties include freshly caught fish and many establishments use locally grown produce and award-winning meats, allowing visitors to enjoy a taste of Yorkshire.

You will find a careful selection of city pubs, country pubs, riverside pubs, pubs with gardens and pubs with ghosts, pubs steeped in history and pubs with character; all offer a haven to relax, sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. Modern wine bars give you a more lively and cheerful feeling.

The city center is dotted with cosmopolitan outdoor cafes, quirky coffee shops and cozy coffee shops, perfect for a mid-morning latte; For those

Along the way, bakeries abound with takeout delicacies.

From award-winning dinners, long, slow lunches to fast food snacks, traditional Sunday roasts and spicy tikka masalas, you're guaranteed to find something to whet your appetite and fit your budget.

See page 29 for the city center food and drink guide

Highly recommended • Book a traditional

Sunday lunch in one of the many historic pubs.

• Grab a sandwich at one of the best deli's and have a picnic at the Westwood.

The city center has many big names including Monsoon, Jaeger, Burtons, Lakeland, Laura Ashley and M&S. Browns Department Store, located in the former playhouse, is worth a leisurely visit.

In addition, there is an interesting selection of small independent shops, specialty shops and an antiques gallery, offering everything from antiques to aromatherapy and bookshops to outdoor activities.

Dating back to medieval times, Beverley Saturday Market has a vibrant and friendly atmosphere that has fostered a mix of traditional and modern lines, from food to household goods. there is also a small one

market on Wednesdays at the aptly named 'WednesdayMarket'.

As if this wasn't enough, the shopping experience in the city of Hull is just 10 miles away or 14 minutes by train.

Must do Saturday Market Spend a morning or afternoon strolling among the stalls at Beverley Market - something for everyone.

St Crispin Arcade Check out this charming Grade II listed building with shops and cabinets offering a wide range of antiques.

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Beverley offers a first-class shopping experience in a beautiful, historic setting amidst cobbled streets and charming courtyards.

ShoppingEating and drinkingBeverley and the surrounding area has dining options for everyone from traditional English cuisine to authentic international cuisine. 01482 391672

Butcher RowAl fresco dineren

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (8)

If you like horse riding a walk through Westwood would be ideal, or for the more adventurous try polo.

For a more relaxing experience, take a bike ride or take an exhilarating walk through the beautiful and scenic countryside.

Something to "hook" all enthusiastic fishermen is the fishing in the area: lakes, ponds, rivers, banks and the nearby North Sea fishery.

For those who prefer to be in the water, you will find a variety of water sports or head to the leisure center for a quick swim. if you like golf

then there are many excellent golf courses in the area including Beverley's own course on the Beverley Westwood meadows. Visit

This is just a small selection of the wide range of activities.

14 Beverly's Mini Guide

Must do• One day inside

beverley racing

• Kite flying at Westwood

• Tour of Beverly

• Cycling in the area


Bishop Burton College Town and Country Day A fun day for all the family with lots to see and do.

Beverley & East RidingEarly Music FestivalOrchestra concerts at Beverley Minster along with smaller instrumental and vocal ensembles performed in churches around TheRiding.

JUNE Everley Folk, Acoustic, Roots Festival Local festival with global appeal. 3 nights and 2 days of music, dance, comedy and spoken word with the best national and international artists. Craft and gastronomic fair, royal brewery, camping on site. All ages.

SEPTEMBERBeverley ChamberMusic FestivalBrings the best chamber musicians to the city with internationally acclaimed soloists, string quartets and chamber ensembles.


Beverley Food FestivalFood, festivities and fun, with over 50 stalls selling local produce. Street entertainment, charity BBQ, kitchen theater marquee, competitions and more.

Beverley Festival of Literature The chance to talk to great writers about their work, enjoy performances or take part in innovative writing workshops and reading groups.

DECEMBERBeverley Festival of ChristmasVictorian Christmas Market with over 80 stalls, Santa's sleigh and live reindeer, displays, static displays, full street entertainment programme, Victorian Fair with games for children.

Full details of these and all events are available at

Events and festivals

There are many sports and leisure activities in and around Beverley. Horse riding, horse racing, cycling, walking, shooting, fishing, golfing and even gliding.


15Beverly Minigids

01482 391672

Beverley Races Festivals

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (9)


















Wylies Trail

York way


St Mary's Church




Tiger LaneTiger Lane

patio de coombs

meal T













north bar

Market cross

willow forest

pastor job

Waltham lane

Walking route 1 Art locations


Cartmen Can you find a horse and carriage near Market Cross? In the Middle Ages, carts were the main means of transport to and from the market. This image from Beverley Minster shows the cart upside down, because saying "put the cart before the horse" means doing things in the wrong order.

GloversGlovers made tanned leather gloves in the town and would be given to Beverley Minster officers by pupils at Beverley Grammar School when they finished with a BA. Check the chair at the end of Saturday Market. Did someone lose a glove?

Waistcoat makers Beverly's waistcoat makers made leather tunics and traded between St. Mary's Church and the Saturday market. Search Can you find a robe hanging around?

MinstrelsBeverley was once the headquarters of the Northern Guild of Minstrels between the rivers Tweed and Trent. Minster and St. Mary's contain many carvings of musical instruments. What instruments do musicians play near St. Mary's?

Gunsmiths Gunsmiths made armor and weapons for Beverley's soldiers and their horses. Before going into battle, Beverley's soldiers paraded in North Bar. Can you find the piece of chain mail? Imagine wearing a full suit!

Bricklayers The North Bar is the first brick town entrance in England. Look at the floor and read the bills from the North Bar. How much did Agnes the Tiler and William Potter earn?

Farriers and Lorimers (Blacksmiths)

Farriers and lorimers traded along York Road, which used to be called 'Lorimers Row'. Horse fairs were held outside the bar. Clippety clop - how many horseshoes do you see?

Windmills The remains of several windmills can be found in Westwood. They were used to grind grain that was grown locally. Do you see the Post Mill on Pasture Terrace?

Bakers Medieval bakers were punished for selling poor bread; they could be fined or crouched on the crouching stool, which was in Tiger Lane. Walk carefully! Don't trip over the bread!

Goldsmiths Stephen the Goldsmith once worked for the canons of Beverley Minster, making silver shields and plaques for churches and wealthy merchants. Can you find it?

Hat makers In the Middle Ages almost everyone wore hats, including men, women and children. Noble people wore fine hats and jesters wore jesters' caps! Look up, can you find one?

Fletcheros A flechero-made arrows equipped with feathers (called flights). Carefully! There's a shower of arrows flying through the sky!

walk 1:6












Stroll from North Bar to Beverley Beck and enjoy the town's heritage.

Medieval Beverley was a prosperous town with a diverse population of skilled workers including carpenters, butchers, waistcoat makers, musicians and gunsmiths to name a few!

In all, the Beverley Town Trail represents 39 medieval guilds and trades, and the sculptures are close to their original locations. Split the trail into four different hikes, or spend a full day to complete it all in one go!

Whether you want to know where the bakers were put on the duck stool to sell lousy bread, or just want to see Beverley's historic sites, you'll have a blast learning on the Beverley City Trail.

More than 700 local school children participated in craft activities and ideas for the development of sculptures and works of art. Have you seen a sculpture yet?

The route brochures are for sale at the VVV.

Take a step back in time

Discover what life was like in medieval Beverley


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& library




clear lane





lle G

to create

griffier Sq.





Wilbert Lane

champagne away

corn hill






Morley's courtyard

calle spencer

Morton's spoor

school job

school job

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nice job










Walking route 2 Locations of works of art


ButchersMany medieval butchers traded in Beverley, some on Butcher Row, others on the north side of SaturdayMarket and on Beck. Do you see the carcass of the ox?

Walkers Walkers were part of the wool industry. They walked on woolen cloth to shrink and thicken it around the 'Walker Beck', which now runs under Walkergate. How many footprints can you find?

Cordwainers A Cordwainer made shoes from the finest leather. Beverley's medieval shoe market was close by. Find the shoe patterns, rub and make a pair of shoes at home!

Spinners The spinners were mainly women. Spinning was a cottage industry, originally done by hand, using a wreath. From the 14th century, spinning wheels accelerated production.

DyersBeverly's dyers used plants to make dyes. Woadmade blue, madder and brazil - red, solder - orange and swamp myrtle - yellow. Can you find one of these plants?

Dressmaking Dressmaking was an important medieval craft because all clothing was made by hand from scratch. There weren't as many ready-made clothes as there are today! Hunt sextimble in Toll Gavel.

Pharmacists Pharmacists used traditional plants, herbs and roots to treat illnesses and injuries. Can you find all four medicinal plants?

Barber Surgeons Medieval barbers didn't just cut hair: they were surgeons who pulled teeth and treated wounds. His sign was the snake and it is still displayed on most ambulances. Look up, don't let the snake fall on you!

Merchants The Merchants Guild was the largest in Beverley. The wool and cloth trade have greatly enriched the city. Look at the ancient measurements used by merchants!

Fish Merchants Well Lane's medieval name was "Fishmarketmoorgate", the road between Westwood and the fish market. How many eels can you find squirming along the sidewalk?

walk 2:1



















It is



ity L




is S






Minster Yard Norte

Munster Moorgate












ry w



tail race up

San J


north S



beverley cathedral

Brothers L


San A

North Dakota


s s



















Walking route 3 Locations of works of art


Printers Hugo Goes, one of England's first printers, installed his printing press in Highgate around 1500. He printed the oldest known wallpaper in England. Do you see the goose on her wallpaper design?

Bricklayers Bricklayers built Minster and St. Mary's. They built in good weather, but when the weather was bad they cut stones. Each mason had his own mark, which he carved on every stone he cut. Can you find one?

BrewersBeverley's brewers brewed beer and people liked to cough while they drank. Don't stumble over the lyrics of the song about John Barleycorn!

Carpenters The Sun Inn, one of Beverley's last surviving half-timbered houses, was built by medieval carpenters, the only guild authorized to build houses. Can you find the mortise and tenon joint?

Locksmiths Locksmiths made locks for churches, houses, chests and chests throughout the Middle Ages. A padlock from the Viking era was found on this site. Locksmiths mentioned by Shakespeare: find the reference!

Candle makers Candles were used to light houses, churches and taverns. Fancy candles were made from beeswax, but everyday candles were made from tallow (animal fat). Can you find brass candles?

Fishmongers Fishmongers were highly regulated. Two tellers examined the fish, set the prices and fined them for irregularities, such as selling smelly fish. Try not to step on the fish!

walk 323







Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (11)

For more information on these and other attractions, visit

AttractionsBeverley Art GalleryChampney RoadTel. 01482 392780 Beverley Art Gallery has the largest collection of works by celebrated local artist Frederick Elwell. The gallery showcases themed exhibitions from its permanent collection and has a program of temporary exhibitions with supporting events. Free entrance.

Beverley FriaryFriar's Lane Tel. 0845 371 surviving example of a Dominican convent in the region. A building of important cultural heritage that retains many original features. Located near the city center in a quiet garden, it is now an active youth hostel.

Open to visitors for tours, meetings or musical events.

Beverley Minster38 Highgate tel. 01482 868540 One of the finest examples of medieval Gothic architecture in Britain. It features 68 16th-century misericords, a Saxon shrine chair, the canopy from Percy's tomb, and a large collection of stone and wood carvings of medieval musicians.

Beverley 21 mini guide

01482 391672

























trick court









and north








blucher rail



royal academy of fine arts



iars l



spark mill rail

San Andrés Street



Walking route 4 Locations of works of art


SaddlersSaddlesSaddles were vital in riding. Horses were an important means of transportation and every rider was required to have a saddle. They are still made to this day, just not in Beverley. Did someone leave one?

The weavers The medieval weavers came from Flanders and the Netherlands and were known as “Flemish”. Beverley had a large wool trade and exports were shipped from Beck to Flanders. Did a flamingo drop a piece of fabric?

Rope makers Rope was made and used in Beverley, especially on the boats and barges that used the Beck. Until recently, ropes were made near Flemingate. Did anyone stay?

CreelersCreelers and porters loaded and unloaded the ships that arrived on the Beck. They transported goods to and from the city center. The stone used to build Minsterand St Mary's came to Beverley that way.

Wild birds Wild birds prey on ducks and geese for food, feathers and fat. Bird hunters hunted near Beck. Make sure you don't let the wild goose escape!

Potters Pottery was a thriving trade in medieval Beverley. Potters worked all over the city, including at PotterHill. Can you find the jar?

Watermills Three watermills in Beverley were recorded in the Domesday Book. They were located in this part of town and later competed with the windmills in Westwood. Do you see the watermill?

TannersTanning was held next to Flemingate and was one of Beverley's main industries. The last tannery closed very recently. Discover stretched skin!

Excavations by Coopers in Beverley have found wooden buckets, wheels and beer kegs, all made by local Coopers. Watch out for the medieval barrel outside the Lord Nelson!

walk 4:27









Beverley Guildhall Register Square Tel. 01482 392783www.hullandeastyorkshire.comSee 600 years of Beverley history. Among the older items on display are 15th-century medieval minstrel necklaces and the mayor's unique wooden bench, known as a bink in old Beverlonian. This elegant interior also features a full Georgian courtroom.

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Beverley mini guide 22 Beverley mini guide 23

01482 391672

Beverley Town Trail: Medieval Guilds and Crafts Consists of 39 linked works of art located around the town. The sculptures represent the medieval guilds and crafts of Beverley, depicting life in Beverley in the Middle Ages, when they laid the foundations for the town we see today. Wherever possible, the artworks have been developed using images from Beverley's medieval heritage and are in locations associated with the various crafts. (See pages 17-20)

Guided tour on foot Tel. 01482 878535 English Heritage accredited guide Paul Schofield offers Beverley themed walks including 'Ghosts and History' (chilling tales of Beverley's rich history), 'Town Trail' (monastic, medieval and modern history) and 'Pub Walk' (an intoxicating tour of pubs, people and places). Reservation required.

Market CrossSaturday Market Opened in 1714, this impressive structure has been used for ceremonies, recitals and concerts and is still used for musical recitals to this day. The four shields shown represent those who contributed to the cost of construction: Queen Anne, the Beverley Borough (with the beaver), the Warton and Hotham families.

Skidby Mill & Museum Beverley Road, Cottingham Tel. 01482 Working windmill with four sails from the early 19th century, plus the East Riding Museum of Rural Life. Set in over an acre of land and with stunning views over the beautiful East Yorkshire Wolds.

St Mary's Church North Bar Inside/Hengate Tel. 01482 This fine 12th century church of stunning Gothic architecture, originally a Beverley Minster chapel, has a central pinnacle tower, chancel with its 40 paneled ceiling depicting the kings of England to Henry VI and finely cut misericordia.

Downtown Roofs A particularly common feature of many urban buildings is the use of cantilevered facades, a herringbone effect used in building facades. The many sloping roofs and the use of tiles stem from a strong Flemish influence over the centuries. Saturday Market has a variety of roof styles, including Victorian and Georgian, as well as several more modern styles.

The Treasure House Champney Rd tel 01482 392790 Treasure House is a Grade II listed building linked to the Beverley Library and Art Gallery and provides a service for the enjoyment of the heritage and culture of the East Riding . There is a search room and collection of local studies, a local heritage exhibition and fantastic views of Beverley from the tower.

Wednesday market Formerly a hermetically sealed square until it opened at the end of the 19th century. Saturday Market, older than its larger twin sister, served the Minster community in the Middle Ages. Today, Wednesday Market shows how the town has evolved, with a fine mix of architecture ranging from old white half-timbered houses through the Georgian period to modern buildings designed to complement the area.

White Horse (Nellies) Hengate This pub has a cluttered interior consisting of several small, dark rooms lit by gas lamps. Over the centuries, parts of the building date from the 16th to the 20th century. Known as Nellie's after the charismatic landlady, NellieCollinson, who ran the pub until the 1970s. Generations of the Collinson family owned and ran the pub for nearly 100 years.

Beverley North BarNorth Bar Inside/Without Merchants bringing goods into town had to pay tolls at the bars. Originally there were 4 stone gates; North Bar, Norwood Bar, Keldgate or South Bar and Newbegin Bar. At present North Bar is the only one remaining and was rebuilt in brick in 1409 at a cost of £96 17s 6d. As the city grew, the suburb outside the gate was called North BarWithout and the buildings inside North Bar Inside.

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (13)

Beverley mini guide 24 Beverley mini guide 25

01482 391672

For more information on these and other attractions, visit

ActivitiesBeverley Barge Preservation SocietyCrane Hill Wharf, BecksideTel. 01482 a glimpse into the early life of the motorboat Syntan, one of 17 vessels owned and operated by the former Richard Hodgsons tannery in Flemingate. Now enjoy a new life moored at Beverley Beck. Volunteers welcome visitors. Before your visit, check whether Syntan is moored.

Beverley BeckBeckside North, Waterside Road

Take a stroll along the historic Beverley Canal. This mile-long canal was once the heart of Beverley's thriving industrial center. It now offers a relaxing walk to the River Hull, as well as refreshing coastal walks where you will find moorings, a wharf and fishing.

Beverley Leisure Complex Flemingate Tel. 01482 395230

The Beverley leisure complex includes two swimming pools, excellent health and fitness facilities, Café Vibe, meeting and conference rooms and a large sports hall. Outdoor amenities include a multi-sports court, skate park and courts.

Beverley MarketSaturday Market PlaceEvery Saturday, all year

Dating back to medieval times, Beverley Saturday Market has a vibrant and friendly atmosphere that has fostered a mix of traditional and modern lines, from food to household items. It covers a large area in the city center and has about 140 stalls.

Beverley Polo Club Tickton Tel. 01964 544455

Founded in 2002 with a mission to promote polo in Yorkshire. Excellent facilities. Everyone is welcome. Tuition available at all levels from beginner to advanced, it's never too late to learn.

Beverley Races El hipódromo, York RoadTel. 01482 867488/

The track is adjacent to BeverleyWestwood and hosts up to 19 flat races per year between April and September.

Special days of themed races. See also the last page.

Beverley Westwood A large stretch of open grassland and a perfect place for family picnics, dog walking or kite flying. In the far corner is Burton Bushes, with beautiful oak trees, all that remains of a medieval forest.

It is also home to Beverley Racecourse and Beverley Golf Club.

Big Skies Bike Rides North Newbald and back 19 miles from Beverley This route takes you across the narrower southern end of the wolds from Beverley to the attractive limestone village of North Newbald. For more information on these and other attractions, pick up a brochure on Yorkshire Wolds & Beyond from the Tourist Information Center or download it from

Bleach Yard StallenNew Walk Tel. 01482 882557

Riding school in Beverley Westwood, outdoor riding school, instruction for beginners and experienced riders and specialist dressage lessons.

All horses trained from beginner to PSG.

Please contact for prices.

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (14)

Beverley mini guide 27


Beverley minigids26

Elwell Trail Series of 22 replica paintings by prominent local artists Fred and Mary Elwell, located in the center of the town in locations that take the visitor past all the main attractions. Brochure available at Tourist Information, Casa del Tesoro y Creación Bellas Artes, 7 North Bar Inside. (see page 33)


Risby Fishing Lakes a Folly Lake Café

Fantastic walks in and around the area.

Walk along the path of the seven corners. A different kind of ride, winding through a part of Beverley you didn't even know existed!

Visit the website for this and details of other interesting walks.

Risby Park Fishing Ponds, Nr Beverley Tel. 07860 255981

Four well-stocked freshwater fishing lakes nestled in a scenic tree-lined valley - a perfect spot for a day of fishing. Complete with licensed Folly Lake Café, featuring a covered area overlooking the lake. Ace available. Hikers, runners, cyclists, hikers and hikers are welcome.


Creación Bellas ArtesNorth Bar Inside (ver p.33) Precio reducido LibreríaButcher RowFord FramingNorth Bar InsideLadygate Prints & picture framingSaturday MarketLairgate Galleries & picture framingLairgateMarket Cross Noticias,tarjetas, artes and manualidadesSaturday MarketOxfam BooksToll Gavel St Crispin Antiques CentreButcher RowThe Beverley Old Book ShopDyer LaneW H Smith BooksTo lle Mazo


BarbourNorth Bar InsideBeverley DresserNorth Bar InsideBon MarcheToll GavelBurtonToll GavelClaire's AccessoriesToll GavelCountry CasualToll GavelCollectiesButcher RowDorothy PerkinsToll GavelEdinburgh Woollen MillSaturday MarketEsme Coquet LingerieSwabys YardEvents Lingerie StoreButcher RowFat FaceSaturday Market Dress Up Saturday MarketKennediNorth Bar Inside

Lakeland Saturday market

Jaeger Saturday market

Joules Saturday market

Leonard SilverSaturday Market

M&ComMarket on Saturday

Interior of the MimiNorth bar

MonsónZaterdag Markt

Murray Todd North Bar binnen

New look toll hammer

Phase EightSaturday Market

Polly & Fred ChildrensWalkergate

Rileys North Bar Interior

RojoNorte Indoor Bar

Strefford's Saturday market

Sugarbird Saturday market

Tea Tree Bay tolhamer

De Vintage Shop School Lane

ViyellaSaturday Market

White Stuff Saturday market


CJ Parr Butcher Row

Figaro Wednesday market

Guest & PhilipsZaterdag Market

Hugh Rice the JewelersNorth Bar Inside & Toll Gavel

Prescott's Saturday Market

Samuel LawrenceKruis St

Regalos StreamersNorth Bar Inside


shopping guide

Mega FunAnnie Reed Rd, Grovehill Industrial Estate, Beverley Tel: 01482 880091

The East Riding's newest and largest children's adventure play centre. Fun for all ages. Over 100 challenging activities for toddlers ages 12 and under. Fantastic food, parking and free wifi. (see back page).

Beverley has many nail and nail salons, barbershops and pampering retreats for that special treat. Sessions Spa, located in the former courthouse where Dick Turpin was tried, this oasis of peace and tranquility aims to take you away from everyday stress to leave you calm and energized. Gift packs are guaranteed to impress for any occasion.

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (15)

Beverley mini guide 28 Beverley mini guide 29

01482 391672


Millet Butcher Row

Mountain Warehouse Toll Hammer

Rohan Butcher's row

Inicio Fitness Butcher Row

FLORISTERÍAFleur De LisaButcher Row

Gartons of Yorkshire North Bar inside

Floristería GlenholmeWilbert Lane

Miss EllesNorth Bar Sin

The gazebo Sow Hill Rd

TIENDASBoyes Ind. Dept. StoreWednesday Market

Browns Dept. StoreSaturday Market

Laura Ashley HomeToll Hamer

M&SBuchcher Row

WH Smith tolhamer

Wilkinsons Cross Street


Broughton Shoe Warehouse North Bar binnen

SkyNorth Bar Interior

Cellini hamer tol

Clarks tolhamer

DynastyCross Street

Hallers North Bar Interior

Petits Saturday market

Pink DancewearDyer Lane

Stead & Simpson tolhamer



BootsToll Hamer and Walkergate

Superdrug toldek


Beverley Model ShopButcher Rowbeverley Music CENTRENORWOODBIJOU Home (Geschenken/meubels) Flemingate (geopend september 2012) Body ShopButcher Rowbriggs & Powell Electricaturday Marketcar Storetoll Gavelchaos TattooeastgateClintGateClintsilsilsils, CookingSoSsils, CookingSoSsils, CookingSersils. Garden, Chinese medische centrum, maar Rowjacquelines BridalNew WalkergateJessops Camera ShopToll GavelLakelandButcher Row Love FromToll Gavel Max SpeilmanToll GavelMinster CyclesNorwoodNannini Leatherware, Gifts & Accessories ware - GiftsWell LaneT MobileToll GavelTattoo ArtistWell LaneThe WorksButcher RowVodaphoneToll GavelWe' Letters R'Butcher Row

Food and drink guide


Coco & VioletSwaby's Yard

Panadería CouplandsButcher Row & Toll Gavel

G Jack & Son DelicatessenWoensdagmarkt

H Peck & Son Wet Fish Shopwoensdagmarkt

Heron Frozen Foods tolhamer

Holland & Barrett tolhamer

Indulgente Tarte Butcher Row

Johnstons of Beverley Butchers Butcher Row

Julian Graves tolhamer

M&S Simply FoodButcher Fila

Spirit SafeButcher Row

Sweetlands - Traditional sweets Wednesday market

Tesco Morton Lane

Tomás de bakkerToll hamer

Thorntons tolhamer

Tienda de chocolate White RabbitDyer Lane

Ye Olde Pork Shop Wednesday market


Brownies en Blondies North Bar Inside

D&F Kitchen, China Eastgate

Dino's Fast FoodWindmill Walk

Ladygate Tandoori Ladygate

Lempicka Express Wednesday market

Fish & Chips van PiscisLairgate

Pizza Pan Windmill Ride

Real Sandwich Co. Saturday market

Spice of India Wednesday market

Metro Wednesday market

Sullivans Fish & Chips tolhamer

Pizza Partner Well Lane

Upper Crust Saturday market


Cafe NeroZaterdagmarkt & ButcherRow

ChampneyTreasure House koffielounge

CostaToll Hamer

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (16)

Beverley mini guide30 Beverley mini guide 31

01482 391672

Toll Hammer Couplands Secret Garden Café

Kavanaghs tolhamer

Lempicka Continental Coffee Wednesday Market

M&SBuchcher Row

Papaverzaad North Bar Inside

Perk-u-LaterSwaby's Yard

Smorrebrod Well Lane

Tienda van café Straddles,St Crispins ArcadeButcher Row

Sugar and spice (vegetarian)Lairgate

TCLairgate Patisserie

El AtrioCross St

De Theemuts Highgate

Café Turpins Butcher Row

VainillaSow Hill Rd


Hotel Beverley ArmsNorth Bar WithinTel: 869241

Estación Cerruti 22Tel: 866700

Prices and RoweButcher RowTel: 502269

Becas Bistro22 Norte Bar DentroTel: 887624

Inspiration - Private DinnerVicar LaneTel: 888088

Kings Head HotelSaturday MarketTel: 868103

Hotel LairgateLairgateTel: 882141

Panizzi Deli/WijnbarNorth Bar WithinTel: 871964

El RanchoWednesday MarketTel: 867891

Rolandos Bar Norte Tel: 861590

Beverley Tickton GrangeTickton (ver p.32)Tel: 01964 543666

Tudor RoseWednesday MarketTel: 882028

ValenciaTrinity LaneTel: 887733

Westwood Bar & GrillNew WalkTel: 881999

BlancosNorte Bar SinTel: 866121


Lee GardenNorth Bar InsideTel: 872832


Piscis Fish & ChipsLairgateTel: 867148


AkashToll GavelTel: 882090

Dine BanglaRailway StreetTel: 861110

Khan Wylies StreetTel: 868300

MirchiLadygateTel: 871537


AskWednesday MarketTel: 871042

FigaroNew WalkergateTel: 882277

Lucía Norte Bar Inside (zie page 33)Tel: 887878

Pizza ExpressNorte Bar DentroTel: 679105

PrezzoZaterdag MarketTel: 866334


OginoButcher RowTel: 679500


Cactus JacksNorwoodTel: 864555


Siam StarLairgateTel: 866369


Angel Butcher's Row

BeaverNorth Bar-interieur

Casa Bar & KitchenWoensdagmarkt

Norwood corner house

Hotel Cross KeysLairgate

Dog and Duck Ladygate

Durham BueyNorwood

Castor ansioso Highfield Rd

Foresters ArmsBeckside Norte

Green DragonSaturday Market (ver p.32)

Hayride Grange Way

Hodgsons Flemingate

Jay's BarNuevo Walkergate

Kings Head Hotel Saturday market

Kubana Bar & Grill Saturday market

Lord Nelson Flemingate

Molescroft InnMolescroft Rd

Monks walk Highgate

ArmvormersWilbert Lane

Queens Head Wednesday market

Rose & CrownNorth Bar Sin

Royal OakCartwright Ln

Royal StandardNorth Bar Interieur

Sambucca Bar Saturday market

Beckside Inn sloop

Sun Inn Flemingate

Las UvasSaturday Market

Tiger InnLairgate


White Horse Inn (Nellies) Hengate


Wolpakket Westwood Rd

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (17)

Beverley mini guide 32 Beverley mini guide 33

01482 391672




Welcome to Beverley Tickton Grange, a Georgian country hotel, just three miles from historic Beverley in East Yorkshire.

field. Take a relaxing walk across the Wolds or visit the magnificent Beverley Cathedral. Enjoy the delights of this beautiful market town and if your energy allows, round off the day with a walk through the beautiful Beverley Westwood Pastures.

Come back with a good appetite and join our intimate champagne restaurant and enjoy your choice of dishes from our

Award-winning menu. Continue with coffee and artisan truffles, sipped in the comfort of our Library Bar... Our recipe for total relaxation.

Beverley Tickton Grange, Tickton, Beverley HU17 9SHT: 01964 543666F: 01964[email protected]

Lucia Wine Bar & Grill... it's all about sharing food, drink and conversation. Experience our unique dishes in a relaxed atmosphere with your friends and family. The creation was born out of a shared passion for food and wine of a few like-minded people. Strive for a pleasant moment and

quality service to its customers. Lucia's is a relaxed wine bar and grill that adapts to your mood every hour of the day. You can drink an espresso while reading your newspaper or take a break and try our unique dishes for your lunch, dinner and drink special cocktails and wines, chat on the heated outdoor terrace and listen to music.

5 North Bar Inside, Beverley HU17 8APT: 01482 887878 Ook op: 12-13 Swinegate Court East, York YO1 8AJ

51 Saturday Market, Beverley HU17 8AAT: 01482 889801

You'll find The Green Dragon in Beverley Hull just a short walk from Lairgate, Ladygate and Hengate; however, you won't find any other. Step inside to discover a traditional pub of unique character, revered for its eclectic range of ales, quality pub grub, served, as it should be, with a generous measure of renowned British hospitality.

Welcome to The Green Dragon

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (18)

34 36

01482 391672











4 5





Map of Beverley town centre

north bar

St Mary's Church










monastery youth hostel


Relaxation center

Bus stop

Railway station

Tourist information

Public car park

Public parking (weekends only)

Bus delivery/collection point

Public toilets


pedestrian zone





card key



Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (19)

Tourist information


34 Butcher Row, Beverley Phone: 01482 391672

• expert local knowledge and historical information • where to stay information and reservation service • what's in the guidebook and entertainment programs • theater tickets and festival reservations • train and bus schedules and coach reservations • souvenirs, gifts, maps, books and guides


We have the privilege to perform your marriage, civil partnership, vow renewal, appointment, citizenship or engagement ceremony.

BUS STATION - SOW HILL 01482 222222

Bus and train times are available free of charge from EYMS, Tourist Information Offices and Customer Service Centres.


The East Coast Line links Hull to Scarborough and all parts of the country, including local services to Bempton, Bridlington, Driffield, Beverley and Cottingham.


Taxis are readily available at the train station or Saturday market.


The city has numerous parking garages, both for long and short term parking. Street parking is limited to short term.

Beverley Mini Guide - Tourism Brochures PDF File08 Villages 10 Market Towns 11 Yorkshire Wolds ... 2 Beverley Mini Guide Beverley 3 Mini Guide ... wrote 'the town is big and - [PDF document] (20)

An exciting racing season awaits at Beverley Racecourse From sipping champagne on the elegant Premier grounds to picnicking in the heart of the action on the track, there really is something for everyone at Beverley Races!

For a unique and elegant venue for your next corporate event, look no further than Beverley Racecourse. The private suites in the Premier Grounds have stunning views of the racecourse and the Yorkshire Wolds. Tents available for larger groups.

The Racecourse, York Rd, BeverleyT: 01482 867488 / 882645E:[email protected]

Contests, themed days and other special events for everyone



where the smile happens

T: 01482 880091

• Fun for all ages up to 12 (and parents too) • Mega 3 level area 5-12 • Huge 2 level area for toddlers • Brilliant interactive area for babies • Over 100 challenging activities • Near vertical slide, 4 lane astra slide, Sky slide and much more! • Fantastic food • Free Wi-Fi • Air conditioning • Free parking for 130 spaces

The East Riding's newest and largest adventure play centre!

Annie Reed Road, Polígono Industrial Grovehill, Beverley HU17 0LF

Mega Fun is part of the Jack in the Box experience

Great coffee!

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