7-Day Luxury Yellowstone Tour from Los Angeles to Las Vegas: Antelope Canyon, Grand Teton National Park and Idaho Falls (2023)

Collection details/transfers

【Delivery Report】

We recommend that you book a flight that departs after 10:00 PM and takes you to the airport two hours in advance.

If your flight is scheduled before 10:00 p.m., we offer a free delivery service.

A surcharge applies for return service to the airport after 10:00 PM.

If you require an additional hotel night, the price will be based on the current rate for that day.

meeting point

Find your nearest collection point

TimeRegioPlaceFull address
07:00 AM The Angels Los Angeles Peak House

(The guide will inform you about the pick-up time one day before departure)

424 N Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
7:30 am The Angels Lincoln Plaza Hotel - Parking

(The guide will inform you about the pick-up time one day before departure)

123 S Lincoln Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755
8:00 am The Angels Rowland Heights 99 Dahua Supermarket across from Gale Ave.

(The guide will inform you about the pick-up time one day before departure)

1015 Nogales Street, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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Package included

    • Professional travel and commercial vehicle insurance
    • Professional guide service.
    • Hotels: 6 nights with breakfast in a few hotels

The package is exclusive

    • Transport costs to and from the place of departure
    • Personal expenses (such as meals, phone calls, pay TV, laundry, beverages, personal travel, and health insurance)
    • Guide gratuities: $12/person/day
    • Mandatory activities in the itinerary
    • Optional activities in the program
    • Native American Environmental Protection Fee: $10 per person
    • Other costs not included in the cost description

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special notes

    • Cancellation conditions:
      * 17 or more days before departure date - 30% penalty
      * 10-16 days before departure date - 50% penalty
      * No refund/exchange within 9 days before departure date. There is no partial refund for unused services.
      * If you are unable to join the tour on the scheduled day due to delays or any other reason, no refunds or changes will be allowed.
      * Changing to another travel date for the same itinerary is considered equivalent to canceling the original order.
      * Cancellations are subject to the above refund policy if the order can still be confirmed (for example, if the order has been paid for and is awaiting processing).
      * The above terms and conditions apply to regular trips, special trips may have different terms and conditions, which must be followed accordingly.
    • Note: If the commercial loss compensation paid according to the above percentage is insufficient to compensate for the actual loss incurred by the business, the customer must compensate the actual loss, but the maximum amount will not exceed the total cost of the order.
    • Change Policy:
      *The change fee for each change order is $35, and changes cannot be made within 9 days of departure.
      *Applicable changes include pick-up location changes, increase in number of participants and second changes in flight transfer information.
      * If the price of the modified order (such as a reduction in the number of tour participants or rooms) is less than the original order, the difference will be calculated according to the cancellation policy in addition to the $35 modification fee.
      *If the name or number of rooms is changed, the difference will also be calculated according to the cancellation policy in addition to the $35 change fee.
    • Special Notes:
      * Participants who are unable to attend on the day of departure are deemed to have automatically waived their right to a refund. No refunds will be given.
      * For other accommodations or additional hotel services, refunds are subject to the policies of the respective hotel.
      * If the customer or the group withdraws from the trip for personal reasons (such as lack of travel documents, delays, illness, accidents, etc.), no refund will be made or any other service will be compensated.
      * In case of force majeure factors such as weather, war and strikes, making it impossible to visit the destination, the travel company will do everything possible to ensure the safety of its customers and their property. The company reserves the right to cancel or modify part or all of the tour itinerary and is not responsible for any direct or indirect responsibility arising from force majeure. Fees already paid will not be refunded.
    • Due to the impact of the pandemic, itineraries may be subject to change due to changes in the operating policies of tourist attractions. Please refer to the final tour confirmation letter after booking. If you have any questions, please contact us. Specific travel arrangements are subject to the tour leader's arrangements on the day of departure.
    • The tour leader will contact you the day before departure. Keep your mobile phone on and answer the call. If you are on a plane or on a cruise the day before the tour, please let us know in advance. We will contact you in advance. Thank you.
    • The local tour operator has the right to adjust the order of visits to tourist attractions and cities due to the actual conditions on the day of the tour (departure date, weather, transportation or other objective factors). It is not recommended that tourists leave the tour early. Losses caused by personal reasons, such as leaving the tour early, will be borne by the tourists themselves and tour fees already paid will not be refunded or otherwise compensated.
    • Each tour group must include at least one adult 18 years or older and pets are not allowed on board.
    • All necessary expenses are packed, including visits to tourist attractions. If the tourist attractions are not open on the day of the tour, alternative attractions will be arranged to visit and the cost will not change. If there are no alternative rides, the corresponding return will be managed.
    • The service fee is calculated daily and is required for airport pickup, hotel check-in (except Los Angeles), free activities, or early departure. Please keep this in mind and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    • Tourists have to buy the tickets from the guide. City Pass and bring your own tickets are not allowed. The ticket price is subject to the current price of the tourist attraction. If tourists insist on using their own tickets, the local tour operator will not provide transportation or guide services during the day.
    • Certain types of vehicles require children under the age of 8 to use a car seat due to the programming needs of the vehicle. Rental services are provided by the local tour operator at a rate of $10 per person per day. If you have children under the age of 8 on the tour, please indicate this in the order notes or contact customer service.
    • Check-in time at the hotel is after 3 PM. Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. Smoking in the room will result in a fine of more than $250. With the exception of Las Vegas, for airport pickup on the first night in other cities, self check-in is required with travel confirmation or hotel confirmation number and valid travel membership card.
    • Hotels typically require a $50 to $100 deposit, which is refunded at check-out.
    • During long weekend holidays such as New Years Eve, National Holiday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., if hotel prices change temporarily, we will contact you after confirming the order.
      The room allocation service is only available for orders placed 15 days or more before departure.
    • Tourists in the same room cannot use different pick-up points. Please understand and be aware of this.
    • Antelope Canyon is one of the top ten photography destinations in the world and has strict viewing requirements. No photography is allowed on the steps, tourists must follow the Native American guide, do not carve into the rock walls, do not pee or urinate indiscriminately, do not carry bags or camera tripods, and do not climb. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the Antelope Canyon Native American operator returning you to the tour bus and the Antelope Canyon ticket price non-refundable.
    • Masks must be worn throughout Antelope Canyon throughout the trip. Failure to comply will give Antelope Canyon the right to refuse entry to or eviction from the valley. Guests are responsible for any losses.
  • Depending on your arrival time, your hotel room may not be available until the afternoon. Most hotels allow check-in between 1:00 PM and 1:00 PM. M. and 3:00 p.m., however, some charge an early check-in fee. Please contact the hotel desk before check-in to see if you can store your luggage at the hotel if you wish to explore the city on your own.
  • The time we listed in the itinerary is for reference only. Consult your guide on the tour for the current arrangement. The order of the visit and the duration may change according to the real and practical situation for a better service.
  • This tour/activity is guided by a selected local operator in the region. When booking your tour or activity and upon receipt of confirmation, you will receive an e-ticket with the name and contact details of the local supplier. If you need help finding a specific tour, please contact us for more information.
  • If any of the attractions are closed due to Covid-19, the guide will compose the itinerary based on the actual situation on the date of the tour. Please understand. Thank you.

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Price information

Your reservation is always subject to confirmation by e-mail, usually within one to two working days.

* This tour requires a minimum of 4 passengers. If the minimum numbers are not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour.
* Price for single occupancy applies when one person stays in a standard hotel room.
* The double/triple/quadruple occupancy price applies when two/three/four people stay in a standard hotel room.
* Rooms are based on two beds. No extra beds are placed for the third, fourth person or children
* The prices for children and adults are the same.
* Maximum room capacity: 4 people including adult and child/infant.

  • * The final tour rates include any booking costs, administration costs and exchange rate loss.

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    reservation information

      1. Immediately after placing your reservation you will receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail.

      2. You will receive a confirmation email from us within one to two working days after placing your reservation. If you need to book a flight ticket, we recommend that you do so


      you will receive a confirmation of your travel reservation from us.

      3. You will receive an e-ticket via email once your booking details have been confirmed or we have received your supporting information. We will provide you with all the detailed information about your tour on the E-Ticket. The local tour operator's contact details will be included in the e-ticket for your convenience or for reconfirmation purposes if a reconfirmation is required.

      4. Simply print your e-ticket and present it to your guide along with your valid photo ID on the day of your activity. Remember that E-Ticket is your proof of purchase.


      - Your purchase is not a guarantee of confirmation. Your purchase starts a reservation process. We will confirm this by e-mail within one to two working days.

      - Prices may vary depending on availability. We reserve the right to make price adjustments without notice.

      - Consult ourStandard Change, Cancellation and Refund Policybefore making the reservation.

      - Please refer tocustomer agreementbefore making the reservation.

      - The local tour operator reserves the right to make changes to the tour arrangements, including the order of tour activities, hotel and location, if deemed necessary.

    • For refunds processed by credit card or PayPal, a 6% transaction fee will be deducted from the total amount of the refund. The refund amount can also be credited directly to your account without any transaction fees for future bookings.


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