4 Benefits of Choosing an Amtrak Roomette (2023)


Pack everything you need into a small bag and store your other larger luggage so you have even more room inside your room.

2. All your meals are included

4 Benefits of Choosing an Amtrak Roomette (1)

One of the biggest perks of a roomette: food is included! Full breakfast, lunch and dinner can be delivered directly to your room, which is perfect for maintaining social distancing. You can enjoy good food, drinks, with a window seat to see amazing scenery. In addition to our regular menu items, kids can get all their favorites onboard. All food on board is handled with the utmost care for your health and safety.

3. Do you have a dedicated room attendant

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With any Amtrak sleeper reservation, you get a friendly and dedicated train attendant who will book meals for you, make and break down your bed, let you know when your stop is coming up, and even tell you some great life stories. On the Rails Amtrak requires every train attendant to wear their face mask at all times while on board.

4. You have access to the first class lounges in the stations

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Anyone booking sleeping accommodations has access to Amtrak's comfortable First Class lounges where available. Sit back and enjoy comfortable and quiet lounge seating, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks and free internet access. And lounge attendants are available to help with reservations, ticketing and local information.


You can arrive early and leave your luggage in the first class lounge so you can explore before you go!


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